Durango Youth Baseball Photos

A/M Photography is happy to partner with Durango Youth Baseball this year. Individual and Team photos are scheduled on this date at your usual practice field. Please have your players dressed out and ready for photos. Coaches please adhere to your scheduled times. We are working on a tight time frame. Photo Galleries are emailed to families for purchase one week after photos are taken.

May 15th - ALP

10U Alpine Bank: 4:30pm

6U Mast: 5:30pm

8U Mantell Heckathorn: 6:00pm

May 16th - ALP

6U Armadillo: 5:30pm

8U Kroegers: 6:00pm

12U A&L Coors: 6:30pm

May 17th - ALP

12U Wood Chiro: 5:00pm

May 18th - Fairgrounds

14U Ski Barn: 4:00pm

May 18th - ALP

  • 5:15pm 10U AKademy Training players, individual photos
  • 5:30pm AKademy Training team photo
  • 5:35pm 8U Mining Equipment team finishes game, immediately takes team photo. Individual photos to follow.

May 22nd - RIVERVIEW

6U Mining Equipment: 5:30pm 

8U Classique: 6:00pm

May 24th - RIVERVIEW

6U Land Title: 4:30pm 

10U Durango Motors: 5:30pm

June 1st - RIVERVIEW

Mighty Tots Sachs Construction: 4:00pm 

Mighty Tots Lupine Lawn: 4:30pm

June 5th - Fairgrounds

14U Four Corners Dental: 5:30pm 

14U Urgent Care: 6:00pm