Parks & Rec. Soccer

We will be set up at Smith Field on Saturday April 22nd & Saturday April 29th. Photos times are scheduled either a half an hour before your game or immediately after. If you are scheduled after your game, please make sure your players don't leave. We can't be responsible for players that don't make it into the team photo. A/M Photography does give back to Parks & Rec, so your participation does help us give back to your community. Please have your players ready with their uniforms on your scheduled times.

Saturday April 22nd 2023

8:30 - 

Boys 1st Cheetahs (Before Game)

Boys 1st Wegneg-Frank (Before Game)

Boys 1st Sovocol (Before Game)

Girls 2nd & 3rd Maya (Before Game)

9:00 -

Girls 4th & 5th Redman (Before Game)

Girls 4th & 5th Cheetahs (Before Game)

9:30 -

Coed PreK Gillen (Before Game)

Coed PreK Keeler (Before Game)

Coed PreK Rosenberger (Before Game)

Coed PreK Tom (Before Game)

10:00 -

Girls 2nd & 3rd Holmes (After Game)

Boys 1st & 2nd Krokos (After Game)

Boys 1st & 2nd Durangatangs (After Game)

10:30 -

Coed PreK Borrowclaugh (Before Game)

Coed PreK Martinez (Before Game)

Coed PreK Nelson (Before Game)

Boys 2nd & 3rd Leroux (Before Game)

11:30 -

Boys 2nd & 3rd Deas (Before Game)

Boys 2nd & 3rd May (Before Game)

Girls 1st & Kinder Hall (Before Game)

Boys 2nd & 3rd Kroenig (After Game)

12:00 -

Girls 1st & Kinder Huskies (After Game)

Girls 1st & Kinder Unicorns (After Game)

Saturday April 29th 2023

8:30 - 

Boys 1st Class of 35 (Before Game)

Boys 1st Davis (Before Game)

Boys 1st Beaugh (Before Game)

Boys 1st Mtn. Big Cats (Before Game)

9:00 -

Boys 4th & 5th A. Krokos (Before Game)

Boys 4th & 5th A. Reapers (Before Game)

Boys 4th & 5th Redtails (Before Game)

Boys 4th & 5th Bleger (Before Game)

9:30 -

Coed PreK Rhinos (Before Game)

Coed PreK Snack Attack (Before Game)

Boys 1st Kickaroos (Before Game)

Boys 2nd & 3rd Trailblazers (Before Game)

10:00 -

Girls 4th & 5th Schmidt (Before Game)

Boys 2nd & 3rd Golden Eagles (After Game)

10:30 -

Boys 2nd & 3rd Lightning Bolts (Before Game)

Girls 1st & Kinder Biggs (After Game)

11:00 -

Girls 4th & 5th Wolfpack (Before Game)

Boys 2nd & 3rd Tigers (After Game)

Coed PreK Acceptance (After Game)

11:30 -

Girls 1st & Kinder Hill (Before Game)

Girls 1st & Kinder Hedgehogs (Before Game)

Girls 2nd & 3rd Pythons (Before Game)

12:00 -

Girls 1st & Kinder Unicorn Dyno. (After Game)

Girls 2nd & 3rd Darlene (After Game)

Girls 2nd & 3rd Gearhart (After Game)

Girls 2nd & 3rd Krokos (After Game)

1:00 -

Coed Middle School (Before Practice)

Girls 1st & Kinder Rosenberger (After Game)